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Checkered Dress

Ciaa from
The weather has finally cool down this weekend. It was just too damn hot. It’s amazing how we are almost never satisfied.When it’s cold we complain and when it’s hot we complain too. Anyways here I am again with another Show some legs it’s summer look. Today I am wearing this short checkered dress from Joe Fresh. It’s really hard to resist buying from Joe Fresh while these cute print are staring at your face every time you go grocery shopping. I guess for once I can thank god that they do not always have XXL. I find that they are stepping up their game a little when it comes to adding more XL and XXl on many of their products.I honestly believe that they have the potential of becoming an even bigger brand if they start making clothes for women like me. This black & white checkered dress is really simple,very comfortable and it has pockets. How was your weekend ?

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