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10 Simple Tips For A New Blogger

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I’ve received about a couple of emails this month about blogging and what advice I would give to someone starting a new blog. I already responded to the emails, however I also wanted to write a post as part of my better blogging series just in case some of you reading this blog are thinking about starting your own. There are a number of blog posts out there already about this subject, so I am just honoured that someone would ask my opinion. Even though I have been blogging for a while now I am still learning new things every day. Honestly, I hear everyday that fashion blogging is saturated, but in my opinion there is a little space for all of us on the web.
There is no special formula to a successful blog, what works for me might not work for you. My main tips aside from the ten I am giving you below is to FOCUS on yourself and your work. I know it does sound selfish, but I say focus on what you can do to make your blog, craft or whatever you are doing better. I also read everywhere that you should not blog for the money or perks, however there are plenty of blogs out there that are for profit blogs. As long as you are disclosing to your readers that you are in it for the business side of it, there is nothing wrong with starting a blog as a business. I can tell you from experience that the moment I started taking my blog more seriously, and treat it like a job is really when I started to see improvement all across the board.
Whether you are starting yours just for fun, or for business you will need a certain amount of dedication in order to succeed.
Here a few tips for you:
Blog about whatever you love, or your business
Interact and connect with other bloggers, and your readers
Take advantage of social media, especially Pinterest
Don’t feel like you have to spend money just because you need content
Keep away from the blogosphere drama, and focus on you and your work.
You don’t have to post everyday, but do try to blog consistently
Make sure your contact page is up to date
Be inspired , but do not copy
Do not let negative comments, or other people opinion of you stop you from reaching your goals
Always, always remember why you started.
Here are a few book recommendations for you. 

Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community

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